"How to Keep your Kids Entertained at a Wedding" - (wedding photography in Ely & Cambridge CB6)

“Just follow these practical tips on ways to keep your kids, and everyone else’s, entertained and you will have the wonderful wedding you’re hoping for with smiling guests, great photos and no tomato sauce thrown at your dress....
(I make no guarantee your mother in law won’t throw a tantrum)”

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Top 5 Life Hacks For Tired Parents

So. You have booked in for a family photoshoot with your local photography studio (Photographvie obvs ) and when it comes to the morning of the shoot you realise - you had precisely 2 &3/4 hrs sleep (yes you were counting), your clean laundry pile and your dirty laundry pile have been helpfully combined by the baby and you haven’t been shopping for days so there appears to be only a barren wasteland where the fridge once stood.

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