Meet Pam! Our new team member here at Photographvie .. Family and baby photographer Ely, CB6

I’m Pam, mum to two very much on the go boys, one 4 year old and one 8 month old.

I got to know Vicki by chance through a friend and she’s been taking pictures of my boys and our family photos ever since. So it goes without saying I’m very excited to join the Photographvie team and become the resident blogger.


So I have the somewhat tricky task of introducing myself to all you wonderful, colourful people who find yourselves in need of a baby and family photographer as utterly fabulous as Vicki here at Photographvie.

A bit about me. Well, blogging is not my natural habitat. I’m usually found out in the wild covered in mud or bramble scratches or freshly cut grass. You guessed it I’m a gardener, and before that a park ranger. Needless to say I’m pretty passionate about conservation and plants. One of my favourite places to be found is my veg patch and I find it really rewarding to be able to grow food with my boys. Quite a lot of the time they are only interested in eating it of course.

One of my favourite veg recipes which is also good for fussy eaters and 4 year olds who suddenly express disdain at vegetables is Jamie Oliver’s 7-veg sauce.

Having kids is life changing and one thing this means for me ( apart from the fact I have developed an obsession with Hurrah for Gin  ) is that in the coming years work needs to be more of a 5 minutes here, 1 hour there kind of thing. And so enters Photographvie and writing blogs which I hope you will find both helpful and interesting!

Most days as a parent I’m either winging it or ‘Googling’ it, and I love my kids beyond belief but having something creative to focus my shrivelling brain on is really exciting. Plus is satisfies my secret desire to publicly voice my opinion about stuff. Important stuff like like ‘What to do when your toddler empties a bowl of spaghetti bolognese in the drier...’ and ‘Aaahh I’m having a baby, what do I buy?’ Etcetera. Those things.

Photo credit: Hurrah for Gin

Photo credit: Hurrah for Gin

So here’s hoping I can be of use to you lovely people and along with some helpful info about what to expect from your baby photographer, I can promise to give you a few giggles too.

Pam x

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