What to expect when you book a cake smash photoshoot!

Cake smash photoshoot themes and inspiration!

Thinking of booking a cake smash photoshoot for your little one’s first birthday but stuck on what colours to choose, what to wear, have questions like ‘what will the cake look like?’ and ‘will my child get stuck in?’ ….

Don’t fear, here are some examples of past cake smash photos that you can choose from or use as inspiration for your baby photoshoot and a guide on what to expect when you come for your cake smash (or fruit smash) photos.

Family photos are included

Family photos are included

The first thing to remember is that all cake smash photoshoots include family photos first!

Included in any cake smash booking is the chance for a family portrait first, this can include parents, siblings and Grandparents and is a chance for children to get used to the camera with their safety net (aka you) nice and close by! It’s a great chance to update the family photo you had at your newborn photoshoot too!

Our fun ‘one’ photo for first birthday memories

Our fun ‘one’ photo for first birthday memories

Before we get messy and the cake makes an appearance there are another couple of photos that we can take that are great keepsakes of your child’s birthday too. The first is the above ‘ONE’ image which is a series of three photos stitched together holding a letter to spell how old they are and the second is with a memory board, detailing all their favourite things.

All of your child’s favourite things

All of your child’s favourite things

OK … Let’s get messy!

…and there is mess!! I have a selection of outfits you can choose from for your baby, another thing off your to do list and I advise parents to dress in something they are prepared to get messy as babies like to share!

Cake smash photoshoots usually go one of 2 ways; some children get stuck in straight away, playing with the cake, feeling the icing, perhaps trying to eat it (or it has been known for a child to go head first!!). Others may take a little persuasion and we will show them how to play with it, encourage them to dig with a spoon and this is where you get to taste a bit too! (They don’t just look nice, believe me!!)

Either way, children will go at their own pace and the best thing to do is watch as they have fun getting messy! Giving babies a little cake in the run up to your photoshoot is always a good idea so they know what to expect and messy play is also great for letting them know it’s ok to get messy sometimes!

There are some great local messy play groups and I follow Ely BUGS on Facebook to find out the latest groups and events!

Choose from one of these themes or create your own using these for inspiration

Cakes are all freshly made by Sugar and Nice and can be gluten / dairy free by request.

The Clean Up…

Last but not least … we need to clean up and what better way than to have a bubble bath!

Children love to splash about and play with bubbles and we can get some fantastic fun photos too! Please bring a sponge or flannel to help to wash the cake off and a towel for drying afterwards.

cake smash photoshoot bath bubbles one balloons smiley baby photos.jpg

So that’s it; a fun photoshoot creating great memories of your child’s first birthday!

What to bring:

  • An outfit for family photos

  • Favourite snacks (just in case)

  • A sponge or flannel

  • A towel

    ..The rest is up to me and will be ready for when you arrive!

Cake smash photography is great fun to celebrate a babies first birthday but I do cater for older ones too - as you can see from the gallery it’s never too late and we have had great fun with a group of fantastic ladies who all turned 40 in the same year!!

Please get in touch if you have any questions


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