Random Act of Kindness Day 17th February 2019 - What will you do?

Random Act of Kindness Day.png

What will you do to be kind?

Here’s some ideas…. get the kids to join in too!

21 random acts of kindness…

  1. Put change in a vending machine - the Hive in Ely has a coffee and snack machine

  2. Hold the door open for someone

  3. Do a household chore as s surprise (happy wife, happy life!)

  4. Get in touch with old friends

  5. Call your Grandparents for a natter

  6. Pick up someone else’s rubbish

  7. Book a family photoshoot for a friend (I hear Photographvie are quite good =P)

  8. Compliment a friend

  9. Walk dogs for the local animal shelter - the fresh air will be great!

  10. Send a card to someone (everyone loves the postman bringing something other than bills!… Better still post one of your child’s paintings)

  11. Donate old clothes to charity

  12. Buy a coffee for the next person in the line

  13. Say hello to fellow parents on the school run

  14. Leave a positive review for a local business you have been to on Facebook (we love these!!)

  15. Buy a lottery ticket for a stranger

  16. Donate your old toys to a local children’s group

  17. Sign up to a 5k walk for charity

  18. Give someone a gift card you have had in your purse and haven’t used for months

  19. Offer a friend one hour free childcare

  20. Take cake to work - everyone loves cake!

  21. Lastly, be kind to yourself <3

Have a great day - and let us know in the comments below what you did or what someone did for you =)

Vicki xx