"How to Keep your Kids Entertained at a Wedding" - (wedding photography in Ely & Cambridge CB6)

So you’re getting married and you feel fairly organised, you have even booked your favourite family photographer for the day in question but suddenly you realise the kids are coming too! I mean - you knew -but now you have really realised what this means. Shouts of ‘I need a poo’ during the ceremony, food being flung across the room at your sit down meal, other guests being terrorised by tiny ankle biters when they are trying to get into their groove on the dance floor. Suddenly you are feeling unwell. Well I’m here to tell you it will be okay. And not as bad as you are suddenly imagining. Just follow these practical tips on ways to keep your kids, and everyone else’s, entertained and you will have the wonderful wedding you’re hoping for with smiling guests, great photos and no tomato sauce thrown at your dress....

(I make no guarantee your mother in law won’t throw a tantrum)

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My number one rule is if possible invite your childminder/ nursery worker!

For paid money of course, but the point being it’s probably well spent cash if they can be on hand to entertain and distract at the moments you need it most. Like for instance when the registrar says loudly does anyone have any objections. Plus the added bonus is that your kids will have someone familiar to go to that’s not you if you’re knee deep in a serious discussion with your second cousin about why his buttonhole is a different colour from your brothers.

They can also be in hand to make sure your kids are included in the important family photos! (Believe me, you will not be wanting to chase them halfway across the churchyard in a wedding dress and heels!!)

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Set up a play area or games room. I did this at my wedding and although there weren’t absolutely hoards of kids it was a blessing. If you’re getting hitched in the warmer months of the year - outdoor games are also a real winner. These ideas work for all ages and allow the little ones a bit of time to do what they want and burn off some of the jelly, ice cream, table favours, wedding cake, mini buffet desserts and so forth that they will inevitably ram into their small but seemingly bottomless stomachs. Just set up a corner in a room with bean bags or comfy sofas, toys and games and balloons and then sit back and enjoy your g and t. Or boogie on the dance floor unhindered. The kids are sorted. And if you don’t have kids yourself and therefore none of the toys and games, there are also some amazing companies out there that you can hire toys from for just this purpose. Toy Box Tots

Anticipate that kids will not sit still for 5 minutes. Or 3. Mostly this comes into play during the ceremony and more so during a sit down meal if you’re having one. You could be super savvy and have the toy area in the same room you’re eating in and then the kids can play once they are finished at the table - or if you prefer, set up lots of little surprises and things to do at the table to keep them entertained. Sticker books, bubbles, disposable cameras for fun photos, and silly hats/ masks are generally winners. Thankfully most ceremonies aren’t actually that long but often snacks and treats are the key- I mean who’s not happy while stuffing a packet of custard creams in their mouth? I need say no more. For some grand ideas for table entertainment check out this great website!

Dancing is not just for grown ups! Kids love a good boogie and if you can bring yourself to add a few child friendly songs to the playlist that they will know and love then do it, it will be absolutely worth it to see them shuffle around the dance floor with their mini me moves. If you can’t quite bring yourself to pollute your playlist or are having a stylish jazz band then go back to the games room idea and play some tracks they can boogie to in there. For some ways to incorporate Disney favourites into your wedding, have a look here: https://www.hitched.co.uk/wedding-planning/entertainment/disney-wedding-songs/

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And finally, snap those pictures! Accept that they may not be angels but they will give you some unforgettable moments, both cute and hilarious and you will treasure those candid photos in years to come as long as you prep your wedding photographer to take them!

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We promise to capture those unexpected shots of the kids laying on the floor rolling sweets down the isle or getting their groove on to Frozens ‘Let it Go’! So go on, embrace the idea of the kids making your special day even more special and you won’t regret it.

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