How to prepare for your beach mini photoshoot - Saturday August 17th Wells next-the-sea family photoshoot

You lucky families you - you’re booked in for a day of sand and sea, with the added treat of some beautiful family photos to remember it all, taken by none other than our fabulous Vicki here at Photographvie. Who - don’t forget - has two young kids and therefore has most likely seen it all before, and very likely threatened her kids with destruction of the Frozen soundtrack CD if they even think about doing it. Whatever it is.

So set aside your worries and look forward to the exciting day you have to come. You know you will be eating ice cream a little later, fighting like a sumo wrestler to apply suncream to your children at some point, creating some fab memories of digging holes and building castles, BUT do you know what you’re going to wear for your photoshoot? Que a sharp intake of breath and expression of utter horror. Okay so I’m guessing no. Well you lovely lot, never fear we have got this covered. Just read on.

image of family photoshoot feet dangling from a beach hut at the seaside beach mini photoshoot norfolk

The main answer here is something you and your family are comfortable in. Style-wise you can go for a slightly nautical theme with whites and navy or just opt for some summery prints and light colours. You may want family pictures where you or the kids are running about on the beach or jumping into the waves so something comfortable and relaxed is definitely a must. No shirt and tie required here! See below for some pictures from our mini photoshoots in July to get some style inspiration….

Beach family photoshoot photo of family having fun on the beach relaxed and smiling
family photoshoot at the beach nautical coloured clothes natural and relaxed photos.jpg
photo of siblings cuddling on the beach facing away from the camera family photoshoot in norfolk

And while I’m at it let’s cover what to bring in general too so you know you won’t be cursing your baby brain when you realise the kids drink bottles are still on the kitchen side...

What to bring…. (oh I do love a list)

Sun cream (I can highly recommend this one a day sun cream available online or at Savers in Ely )

Sun hats (Jojo have some great options in their sale!!)

Picnic, Drinks & snacks ( enough to hurl into the backseat most of the way there as undoubtedly your children will be starving hungry immediately as you leave the driveway)

Picnic blanket (if you don’t already lust after the home shelves in Sainsburys - they have some lovely picnic stuff on offer too!!)

Small change for car parking (although they do take cards and cost approx. £6.50 for 4 hours)

Beach onesies ( the uv rated type)

Sandals or beach shoes


Beach toys (including any special toys you might want in the photos)

baby in digger at the beach, family photoshoot in wells by ely photographer.jpg

Now with all that sorted you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that you’re day won’t be plagued by that feeling of forgetting something without really knowing what that something is...

A what to expect guide will be emailed to you before 17th August so you know where to meet us for your family photos.

Can’t make 17th but would love some holiday snaps whilst the sun is shining and the children are off school? You are welcome to book a full family photoshoot on a date of your choice (pending availability) or gather your friends and if there are 2 families interested in a mini, get in touch to enquire about another mini day!


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