USBs and Prints and the importance of both

So I have recently upgraded from a printed disc with images on to these beautiful USB packages... and I love them!


Feeling great about being able to offer such a professional and personal touch to my photographs and something that will be a great keepsake. 

Over the past few years I have often thought about how we will view our photos in the future, we store almost everything digitally and the medium is ever changing.  It was a customer that triggered the move to USB acknowledging that her new laptop no longer had a CD port on it. So are all my old CDs full of Uni photos, family holidays and fond memories lost forever?  And how long will it be before USB gets replaced with something new?

Theres a lot to be said for printing out a photo... Will we sit with our children in years to come in front of the computer going through 'old snaps' or is it not far more nostalgic and sentimental to get an album off the bookcase or out of the loft? I love looking through my Great Grandparents slides and photos, the colours, the size.. the dust! Everything about them fills me with emotion.

I don't deny, digital photography and storing photos digitally is fantastic and I love it... but shouldnt we just print a few more photos to actually look at once in a while?

Print with strut mount