A little about me, baby photographer in Ely, CB6 3AH - family photography in Ely

Hello all and welcome to my first blog! So I'm here to see what the fuss is about and tempt you into reading about my lovely life as mummy, wife to be and family and baby photographer in Ely!

So where to begin... an update on the business seems appropriate seeing as my about me online is somewhat short and sweet... So over 6 months ago now I embarked on a journey with the Princes Trust to learn about how to launch my own photography business...I had already been testing the water before this but with no clue as to how to turn my very enjoyable way of spending mat leave and my education and passion in photography into an actual JOB, working for myself!

It's July, my not so baby girl is 14 months already and I am reaching the first anniversary of me getting my camera out, brushing the dust off and seeing whether this barmy idea would work...and Im very pleased to say it seems to be working out ok! I am in the runnings to be a Princes Trust Young Ambassador of the Year as a way of me saying thanks for their belief in me, I am managing to work, edit and market my photography alongside being a full time mum - naps permitting!! and to sum life up at the moment... I love it! #WAHM

Being able to photograph, share and create your memories is just amazing, I love meeting you all and hearing your stories and then seeing your excitement as you see your photos for the first time.

Tomorrow's to do list includes wrapping up some beautiful prints ordered from my model call a few weeks ago, dropping off some of my lovely new USB packages and then a much needed BBQ with the family... sunshine please!!

Thanks for reading, catch up soon

Vicki x

My Poppy