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Family photography in Ely

How to get those natural, relaxed family photos

What's the worst thing you could say to a child when having their photo taken ... believe it or not it's SMILE ... rather than the sweet loving smile you are hoping for, you're likely to get something a little more like this .....!!


I love children and they're so much fun to photograph as you can never predict how they will react to having their photo taken and how many tricks we need to resort to to achieve those sweet, smiley relaxed family photos ( I have a few to fall back on!!)

When photographing children from the terrible 2's all the way to stroppy pre-teens - I will often encourage them to pull silly faces as this usually throws them off guard and is an instant way to relax - so if you're wondering why I am asking for their best monster face .. just go with it! There's generally a good natural smile that appears afterwards!!

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