A pregnancy with Antiphospholipid syndrome - newborn baby photography, Ely, Cambridgeshire

'Kieran James' - Newborn baby photography

Baby and family photographer, Ely, CB6 3AH

Antiphospholipid syndrome

Newborn_Baby_photography_Ely_Cambridgeshire-Antiphospholipid syndrome-heart-of-needles-around-new-rainbow-baby.jpg

Imagine having to inject your baby bump every day of your pregnancy!

That's exactly what Fiona had to do and to celebrate the birth of beautiful Kieran - she requested that the needles be incorporated into a photo. 

"Our beautiful rainbow picture of our handsome son Kieran James. Without these injections we wouldn’t have him. We are so so lucky" 🌈⭐️💙😍

Fiona also wanted to celebrate that Kieran was a 'rainbow baby' and so not only armed with some super cute rainbow outfits - we also created a lovely rainbow photo using coloured scarves.

Newborn_Baby_photography_Ely_Cambridgeshire-Antiphospholipid syndrome-rainbow_baby-photo-of-new-baby-surrounded-by-a-rainbow-of-colours.jpg

It has been such a pleasure to work with Mat & Fi from photographing their wedding last year, capturing Fi's changing bump throughout her pregnancy with some fab maternity photos now to sharing their first photoshoot with Kieran.  So happy for you both, you are doing an incredible job and I'm so happy you have a new baby to share your life with.